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project MK1: Sampling 21cm neutral hydrogen signals with a Velleman digital oscilloscope

project MK2: Curve fitting of neutral hydrogen profiles with Gauss curves

project MK3: 21cm or 1420MHz milkyway neutral hydrogen receiver with a 55x60cm offset dish and a RTL dongle (Hardware)

project MK4: CFRAD2.exe; Capture and Fast Fourier Transform Radio Astronomy Data with a RTL dongle (Software)

project MK5: Post processing radio astronomy data; plot (Software)

project MK6: Adding more Python functions to Cfrad post processing (Software)

project MK7: SOLRAD.exe; Capure Fast Multi Cannel Solar Data Alfven waves with a RTL dongle

project MK8: Radio Telescope Pointing software

project MK9: 21cm neutral hydrogen receiver with no dish and no LNA

project MK10: Plotting Nancay decametric scan data with a python script

project MK11: Masers; the OH molecule in star forming region W3(OH)

project MK12: Masers; the OH molecule in the dying star OH104

project MK13: Masers; the OH molecule in the absorption spectrum of Cassiopeia A

project MK14: First light of the Sao Giao Radio Telescope capturing neutral hydrogen

project HS01: The accuracy of the HS 3m radio telescope for H1 observations

project MK15: Masers; the OH molecule detection of NML cygni / OH80.8-1.9

project MK15b: Masers; NML cygni revisited

project MK16: Masers; calculation of the phase lag and period of OH masers OH127 and OH83

project MK17: Pulsars; observations of pulsar B0329+54 with a RTL dongle

project MK17b: Pulsar post processing tools

project MK17c: Pulsar Period Calculator and sample rate correction

project MK17d: Pulsar folding with sound

project MK17e: Pulsar detection with an oil drum antenna

project MK18: Plotting AAVSO data for the solar bulletin with a python script

project MK19: Measurements on the galactic anti-center

project HR01: EME Antenna Controller

project MK20: Masers; VY Canis Majoris-a on 1612.231 MHz

project MK21: Astro Viseu Conference 2016

project MK22: Young stellar object G188.94+0.89 at methanol line CH3OH 12.178 GHz

project MK23: Complex object W3(OH) at methanol line CH3OH 12.178 GHz

project MK24: Young stellar object Cepheus A at methanol line CH3OH 12.178 GHz

project MK25: YSO G9.62+0.19 a periodic methanol maser at 12.178 GHz

project MK26: Supernova SN1987A

project EM01: Mini maser telescope

project JG01: Radio Telescope Remote Control

project MK27: Capturing water masers on 22G Hz with the São Gião Radio Telescope

W49N   W3-IRS5   Cep-A   Mon-R2   Orion-KL   W44   W51   W75  

project MK30: Muon telescope

project XX1: Add your own amateur radio astronomy project