Project MK14: First light of the Sao Giao Radio Telescope of H1

The dish is looking at the zenith, so in Porugal at a declination of 40 deg. There is no azimuth motor yet. The elevation motor works from 90deg down to 60deg; below that, the weight is too much for the motor to move the dish up..

A RAS horn and choke were mounted and an old RAS LNA used. The can is fixed onto a plank, which is laying onto the focus ring. No trimming was done. Cftrad2.exe was used for the capturing and fourier transformation. Automatically a new measurement is started every 5 minutes. The 10e5 spectra are averaged and written to disk. You can see the difference in detail compared to measurement with only a can; see the "no dish no lna" post.

Work in progress is the mounting of the azimuth motor and the counter balance weights for the elevation.

Also added a sat picture from older work on the foundation. see also webalbums on

milky way scan

Fig.1 - Milky way passive scan at DEC 40 deg


Fig.2 - Sao Giao Radio Telescope

sgrt from sat

Fig.3 - Start of construction of the Sao Giao Radio Telescope

Michiel Klaassen; december 2015