Project MK21: Astro Viseu Conference 2016

Sábado, 10 de Setembro de 2016, em Vila Chã de Sá Portugal, an Astronomy convention was organized by Ofiuco.

Instead of binoculars and (solar) telescopes I offered to show my portable radio telescope.

Much Later, after dark, most people came to show their own optical telescopes.

first visitors

Fig.1 - First visitors (photo by Nelson Ferraz)

more  visitors

Fig.2 - More visitors (photo by Nelson Ferraz)

Some people were interested to kow what was inside the bucket.


Fig.3 - A curious visitor (photo by Nelson Ferraz)

So this is how the inside and probe look like.


Fig.4 - The not so secret parts


Fig.5 - Bracket

Then I saw this:

comm mast

Fig.6 - Now I began to worry that no hydrogen could be captured (photo by Nelson Ferraz)

Because of this mobile phone tranceiver system there was a lot of RFI, and I had to filter that out with software.

Here are some first results.

H1 raw

Fig.7 - H1 + a lot of RFI

H1 more lines

Fig.8 - More 5 minute lines

lines and sum

Fig.9 - Heavy filtered lines and sum

lines and sum

Fig.10 - When you wait 24 hours and good filtering you get this


Fig.11 - With radio astronomy; Explanations are mandatoy (photo by Nelson Ferraz)

For the persons interested I had made a certificate, as a proof of involvement.


Fig.12 - The Certificate

See you perhaps next time on the Torre of the Serra da Estrela.


Fig.13 - The Torre on the Serra da Estrela (photo by Scheridon)

Michiel Klaassen november 2016