To get your project published, it is nessesary to prepare your text. So, you have to write/convert your text in a plain htm editor. We use the free HTML-Kit build 292 editor.

An HTML example of a project can be downloaded here. example project  

Of course delete the .txt extension from the example file to be a real htm file. Now put your project file in a folder together with the pictures and the other files you call. Next zip it, and send it to us.

Radio Astronomy has to be the core subject. You have to write an article text and not just present a result from an instrument you bought. You have to interpret your own result in writing, else it can be seen as advertising for that product. Also your project has to be proven successful or not successful, but no "I plan to ..." etc. articles please.

No commercial advertising text is allowed.

No outside active links are allowed. Outsite links has to be plain text lines.

Your code will be scanned for virusses.

Your name and date has to be given in the last line of your project text.

Send your project text in a zip file to the email address given in the home page.